High Shelf: Adventures

S2E1 - Basic D&D "The Sacred Texts!" [Part 1]

Season 2 Actual Play of Basic Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeon Master Rich runs the group through a brutal module from the basic D&D days. The characters are... not optimized but the fun is high octane


Welcome to Season tw o of High Shelf Adventures!

This season is our actual play of Basic Dungeons and Dragons, the 1985 Red Box rules. Rich takes the helm as the Dungeon Master! and he runs us through a short campaign titled 'The Sacred Texts!' I enjoy poking a bit of fun at our own love of the old version, OSR, and our nostalgia for how things were.

I will say, Rich has the unique gift to take the classic D&D trope of players vs. the DM and make it tongue in cheek good times. I'm so glad he ran this and we got to play.

This is a fun light-hearted campaign, expect some hijinks as we do the classic stat roll... 3d6, straight down, no swaps... THEN you make your character! so yeah, don't get attached.

Characters are: Swiss Sweed the Clumsy Cleric (Dex of 4) Balthazar Magic-user with wine Melrig Thunderaxe, Dwarf Rey the thief/bard Nevile Pemrose Carter, Elf

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